Price's Laundry, Inc. 

Price's Laundry, Incis your medical and commercial laundry experts! 

Price's Laundry is your medical and commercial laundry experts serving Northern Indiana, Southern Michigan and Northwestern Ohio for over 30 years.   Our customers consist of hospitals, medical and dental offices, restaurants and banquet facilities, schools, nursing homes, hospice care facilities, rehabilitation centers and more.

Beginning with a convenient pick-up and delivery schedule Price's Laundry provides customers with state-of-the-art capabilities but with an "old fashioned" commitment to personal attention and exceptional service. Pick-up and deliveries are set up to facilitate our clients schedule while helping them to maintain minimum inventories.

Special attention is given to each customers needs. Unlike some commercial launderers a well trained and caring staff hand sorts, treats, launders, presses and/or folds each article or garment. Each order is handled separately. The are no massive conveyors or comingling of customers items. All customer's linens and garments are handled with care and returned professionally laundered.

Quality is a priority with Price's Laundry! Whether you're a small rental account or large account where customers own their own linens, Price's Laundry takes pride in meeting and exceeding industry and government guidelines. In fact, Price's Laundry utilizes chemical professionals and a national laboratory testing service to ensure the quality of their operations especially in the control of blood born pathogens.

Price's Laundry, Inc.
112 E. Central Ave.
Lagrange, IN 46767
Phone: 260-463-4189
Toll Free: 888-424-1488

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